Business Feature – Greenbird Design

Meet our newest business feature, Carrie Wilson. She is the owner and licensed interior designer at Greenbird Design. Carrie is well known in the Northwest Arkansas area and has delivered nothing but professionalism over the last 15+ years. Greenbird Design provides professional interior design services from conceptual layouts to managing all phases of construction. They work alongside the client every step of the way. 

Wilson attended Kansas State University from 1997-1999 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Prior to Kansas State, she attended JCCC and graduated in 1997. As a child, she clearly remembers being creative with anything she could find. “My dad told me I had shoe boxes full of paper and would sit for hours cutting paper to make objects and create patterns,” Carrie stated. This is one of those cases that she knew from the start what her career path would be. Wilson said “I always remember rearranging furniture and helping people with color palates at a young age. I could see what a potential space could look like when I walked into a room.”  

Prior to Greenbird Design, Carrie spent over 14 years honing her design skills in a well-established architectural firm. The firm taught her how real world architecture and construction is designed and executed. “Without the previous experience and amazing mentors at that firm, I would have struggled with execution of functional design,” Wilson stated. Today, her portfolio boasts more than 150 completed projects. When asked what her favorite piece/project she was most proud of in her portfolio she said Hershey Company of Bentonville, Arkansas. “They were a dream client,” Carrie said. Executive Flooring Solutions was honored to collaborate with her on the Hershey building.

Carrie’s brain-child, Greenbird Design, was created to take the sterility out of business environments and create comfortable, fun, functional spaces that foster happy patrons and productive employees. Wilson began to specialize in commercial design when she realized residential interior design was not her strong suit. “I found my passion and went for it,” Carrie stated. 

Many decisions and hours are put into each project. When working with a new client, functionality is her go to. Appeal is always a plus, but Carrie says function always. “You can have the most beautiful space and if it doesn’t work, your client will never be happy. You can make anything appealing but you can’t always make something function for the end user,” Wilson said. 

In today’s industry, things change daily. This can be hard at times to try and keep up with the ins and outs of any design. Her reply to keeping up with all the changes was “research, research, research!” A vast majority of her time is spent researching new materials and products so she can better serve her clients and their needs. “If you’re not knowledgeable on what a material can do and how it functions, you’re doing your client and the project an injustice,” Carrie said. 

Inspiration is also key when working in the interior design field. It can come from anywhere at any time. Carrie tries to stay away from social media formats for ideas. “I feel social media can cloud your vision which prohibits exploration outside of that boundary,” she stated. Inspiration can strike differently for each client. One of her most recent projects was at the Farmington Public Library. The children’s reading area has a wall with circular cut outs that host seating areas for children and rings of color around each circle. Carrie said “The idea came from lightning bugs on a summer evening. The glow from the lighting bugs created the colored circle rings and the overall look of the lightning bugs created the floating orbs on the wall.”  The smallest of inspirations can lead to thinking outside the box. 

Carrie is an avid volunteer, donating her time and skills alongside other local interior designers. This led her to help with the Magdalene Serenity House, a home for women who are survivors of sexual exploitation and addiction. She is past chair of the Northwest Arkansas Design Community of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Outside of work, Wilson enjoys teaching yoga and spending as much time with her daughter and husband as she can. She enjoys the outdoors, including hiking, kayaking and camping.

For more information, or to start your future project with a worthy and reliable designer, make sure to contact Carrie Wilson at Greenbird Design!


Doomsday Coffee & Roasterie

It is Doomsday Coffee and Roasterie’s mission to provide the highest quality of coffee and service in Northwest Arkansas. Doomsday works directly with non-profit organizations dedicated in assisting veterans with PTSD and TBI. Doomsday will donate $1 for every whole bean coffee sold online and in stores to Sheep Dog Impact Assistance providing treatment to struggling veterans.

Located at 436 W Watson St in Fayetteville, AR, this local coffee shop opened in July of 2017 and serves various coffee drinks and food while providing support for veterans. Jason Collins, co-owner and husband to Morales-Lozano, struggled with PTSD as well as depression when he returned from his service. “We named our shop Doomsday because we wanted to bring attention to the high suicide rate among Veterans. 22 Veterans take their lives daily. It’s Doomsday for them,” Collins said.

Jason started roasting at home as a hobby and for his own consumption. He enjoyed it so much, he went from a 100 gram counter roaster to a 5 kg roaster. Collins does all of his own roasting. Doomsday currently serves coffee at the lobby of the VA hospital in Fayetteville twice a month, free of charge. “Our hope is that all vets waiting for their turn to see a doctor get to enjoy a good cup of coffee,” Collins stated.

Jason joined the Army in May of 1997. He served from 1997-2007 in the 82nd airborne at Ft Bragg, 101st airborne at Ft Campbell and 1st armored division in Wiesbaden, Germany with counter intelligence. His military experience has shown him the benefits of hard work and dedication.

Aside from serving a great cup of coffee, they also have food options. From breakfast tacos & burritos, to waffles, quiches and pastries, there is something for everyone. “Our most popular food item is the breakfast taco by far. People love them so much!” Collins said. They sell about 80 bags of coffee a month and feel so lucky to be in such a caring community. “Fayetteville has embraced us and kept us going. We enjoy what we do so much and are happy to be able to give back to our Veterans.”

For their full menu, store hours and location, check them out on Facebook @Doomsday Coffee and Roasterie or visit their website at


Veteran Company Spotlight: Clean Cookin’

Clean Cookin’ is a veteran owned and operated business, founded by Stuart Rowland. Stuart grew tired of struggling with his weight and decided to try something new; that something turned into a company with over 30 employees. What began as cooking for friends out of his kitchen, eventually led to running a food truck, and now he is feeding Arkansans out of 5 different storefronts. Stuart plans to expand into Little Rock and the Tulsa areas sometime next year. He is extremely proud that his meals have never increased in price. His main daily struggle is narrowing the menu down to just 16 items! He describes himself as someone who needs to be constantly creative.

Clean Cookin’ does not allow any food to go to waste, if they can help it; food is packaged and distributed to local nonprofit organizations that are tailored to the community’s needs and will deliver as they see fit. Here in Northwest Arkansas, Stuart is filling fridges for the Ronald McDonald House. Rowland states, “If the family needs food, here you go, it’s not a question, they never have to leave their child’s side. They will have food in less than three minutes. That’s one of the proudest things that we do,” and the serving does not stop there. On October 24th, the company announced they are giving away 25 Thanksgiving Dinners to deserving families in need. He is asking his followers to write in and nominate a family in 250 words or less. You will also see his upcoming partnership with Arkansas Democrat Gazette to do a colossal Christmas Drive that will feed hundreds of families. He is adamant on taking care of the community that supports him.

Rowland served in the Army National Guard, he was deployed 2nd of 142nd out of Ozark Arkansas, from December 2006 to March of 2008 with convoy escorts. He was one of three medics in his battery and they wound up doing 185 missions and covered 70,000+ miles. Upon his return, he continued to train other soldiers in the states for the remainder of this service. His inability to quit is what he contributes to his military experience; failure is not an option. The mission world is going to happen, doubt and failure do not exist in the military.


You may check them out at any of these 5 locations! 

Ft. Smith

Van Buren





Each week the menu has approximately 16 options to choose from and they are based on a keto friendly and low carb diet. They also have Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free options. From smoked chicken to brisket, you can count on these meals to be as pleasing to your taste buds as they are to your wallet and waistline. The meals range from $5-7 and are kept frozen until you are ready to eat them, making meal prep easier than ever for you and your family! In addition, you can now cure your sweet tooth with keto friendly desserts from Sweet Boutique through all locations. 

Join their Clean Cookin’ Club today for exclusive sales and deals! Check them out for a full menu, store hours, and delivery options at