Tiny House Nation

“Tiny Digs for Racing Pigs”

Fayetteville, Arkansas

​Tiny House Nation is an American reality television series. It is a tiny house movement-inspired series which features renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin who assist families around the country building their desired houses that are no bigger than 500 square feet.They help people by downsizing their space to upgrade their life. ​Carol and Charlie Boger run the Ham Bone Express, a pig racing extravaganza. “It’s like a NASCAR race, but with swine,” Carol stated.  After years of living life on the road, they wanted to settle down and make a tiny house their retirement home. Charlie said “It’s my goal to mow the yard every 5 days.” John and Zack’s mission is to help them make the transition from pig racing road warriors to contented tiny house dwellers. 

​Their tiny house started with a school bus that had driven it’s last mile. Stripped down to its shell, the bus only contained 28 feet by 8 feet of space to work with. Carol said “I want my kitchen outside and I want it big enough to break bread with my people.” This initially seemed like a problem because of the tiny remodels the show is used to doing. “To do an outdoor room, to do a kitchen, that’s gonna take a lot more manpower and a lot more resources,” said John. “It’s pretty obvious we need some help finishing off Carol’s vision for the outdoor room, so we reached out to a local company for help,” John stated. That’s where we come in…​

We put together their outdoor party central. We mixed our vision along with Carol’s vision and came up with some unique and one of a kind pieces. We used a slew of different reclaimed materials for this project, including our cargo wood that is reclaimed from the floors of decommissioned semi-trailers. Jonathan Moll, our Vice President of Business Development had an idea for seating, and thus came to life our reclining Ozark Star Gazer. These Adirondack chairs were one of our favorite pieces to add to this project. “I wanted something different and personal to add for the Boger’s and I’m pretty happy with how these turned out,” Jonathan said. ​One piece that stood out, was made and designed by Jonathan and the late, Jacob Moll. The rustic appeal fit perfectly with all of the other elements in the outdoor kitchen. It came to life from just a vision in and we think it turned out stunning!

This project was by far one of our biggest achievements to date, and our creativity soared through each piece. Using mostly reclaimed materials in this particular project added the uniqueness the clients desired, along with the natural aesthetic that was warranted for these beautiful pieces. Thank you, Tiny House Nation for allowing us to be a part of this episode!

​Catch our episode (originally aired on 9.21.19) on A&E or stream on Netflix. Season 5, episode 13 “Tiny Digs for Racing Pigs”